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Song Saa Private Island Resort in Cambodia

Song Saa Private Island Resort

The Song Saa Private Island Resort has 9 overwater villas and 18 additional island villas.

Angsana Laguna Resort – Phuket, Thailand

Angsana Grande Laguna Phuket overwater bungalows

The Angsana Laguna Resort was formerly known as Sheraton Grande Laguna Resort, and is located in the northern part of Phuket Island in Thailand. They have 18 overwater bungalows (over their private inland lagoon) and 391 additional rooms.

Pom Pom Island Resort – Borneo, Malaysia

Pom Pom Island Resort

The Pom Pom Island Resort has 30 overwater bungalows as part of its diving resort just off Borneo.

Telunas Beach Resort – Indonesia

Telunes Beach Indonesia

The Telunas Beach Resort in Indonesia is very near Singapore and has 13 overwater bungalows, including 5 dormitory rooms.

Pangkor Laut Resort – Malaysia

Pangkor Laut Malaysia

The Pangkor Laut Resort in Malaysia has 45 water villas and about 60 island and beach rooms and suites.

Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa

Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa

The Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa in Malaysia is by far the world’s largest overwater bungalow resort with 392 overwater rooms.

El Nido Apulet Resort – Philippines

El Nido Apulit Resort

The El Nido Apulet Resort in the Philippines has 50 overwater bungalows and no other rooms.